The Vines - Highly Evolved

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Hailed by a growing number as "the future of rock," the Vines are more a conglomeration of the best of the past. The Sydney, Australia, quartet sounds alternately like Nirvana, the Beatles, T. Rex, and even the Beach Boys (and, at times, all of those blended together). On Highly Evolved they present 12 flawlessly crafted songs, each one living up to the title of the album and first song.

The hi-octane Highly Evolved drops down into the dreamy Autumn Shade which is just what you’d expect – a melancholic kickabout through piles of leaves in your head. And then they’re off again, cranking it up with Outathaway!, a shouty rant of a rock song stuffed with exclamation marks.

In its tender moments, the album shines with 60s psychedelia and moments of pure musical finesse. When it rocks, it really rocks. Highly Evolved isn’t Sergeant Pepper, nor is it Nevermind. But the Vines are growing.
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