Sonic Youth

Initially inspired by the noise experimentation of Glenn Branca (with whom most of the band have performed); as well as the heavy garage rock of The Stooges and the noise experimentation of The Velvet Underground, they were known for using a variety of unorthodox guitar tunings, and for applying screwdrivers or other preparations to
guitars to alter the instruments' timbre.

Any doubts as to the continuing relevance of Sonic Youth upon their jump to major label status were quickly laid to rest by 'Goo', their follow-up to the monumental 'Daydream Nation'.

If Modern music choses their the most effective albums,they'll be absolutely 'Goo' and 'Bad Moon Rising','Daydream Nation'.Their latest records like 'Sonic Nurse' and 'Rather Ripped' shows us They haven't lost any power of their music.More importantly their music are growing
and regenerating.Combinations of different music styles,which are mostly Noise-Rock,
College Rock,Indie Rock and Experimental tunes,unite in their music.And all we have to is to discover this great fusion of rock music.

From Archive:
Rather Ripped 2006
Murray Street
Sonic Nurse
Bad Moon Rising

Top 10 Sonic Youth songs By Modern Music:

2.Plastic Sun
3.Unmade Bed
4.Kool Thing
5.Sugar Kane
7.Expressway To Your Skull
9.Teen Age Riot
10Death Valley '69


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