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R.E.M. mark the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock.When their first single, "Radio Free Europe," was released in 1981,it sparked a back-to-the-garage movement in the American underground.Full biography

Modern Music
R.e.m. is an incomparable band which you can listen everytime.It's sometimes comlicated,sometimes it's very pure.You can't even explain their musical impact on you when you're listening their music.Every people can find other new thing in their music.So what MM finds in their music:
Rousing,Restrained,melancholy but mostly newness ...can be added a lot of emotion.
In my opinion,the most appreciated side of them is they always change their musical style.So who wants to do always same thing?it's very boring,newness is always good.We change everyday,so there is no mean to live with past,but that doesn't mean you can forget about the past.R.e.m puts new materials their music everytime but they are always our R.e.m. with their musical legacy.

Modern music R.E.M. albums:
R.e.m. - Murmur
R.e.m. - Reckoning
R.e.m. - Lifes rich pageant
R.e.m. - Document
R.e.m. - Automatic for people
R.e.m. - New adventures in hi-fi

Official R.E.M. website

Modern Music Top 10 R.e.m. Songs:
1.West of the Fields
4.Pretty Persuasion
5.Shiny Happy People
6.So. Central Rain
9.We Walk
10.The One I Love


J. Jupiter said...

Man, "Leave" is the best song ever.... NUMBER 7??? Hahaha

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