Nick Drake

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Music in his hands,like a pale flower in autumn.
Nick Drake produced great albums of chilling, somber beauty.They're so greatto listen,you can't even talk while his songs are playing...

He had released three precious studio album which are memorable masterpieces.If you like folk rock masters like Leonard Cohen,Van Morrison or depressive singers/songwriters like Scott Walker,Syd Barrett,You will probably enthuse to Nick Drake.

"Five Leaves Left", recorded in 1969, was the first of three albums by British folk musician Nick Drake. Like Bryter Layter and unlike Pink Moon, this album contains no completely solo songs. Nick was accompanied by members of the British folk-rock group Fairport Convention.

"Bryter Layter" contains great folk,baraque pop songs "Hazey Jane II","At the Chime of a City Clock ".Nick was accompanied by part of the British folk-rockers group Fairport Convention and John Cale from The Velvet Underground.

"Pink Moon" After two albums of tastefully orchestrated folk-pop, albeit some of the least demonstrative and most affecting around, Drake chose a radical change for what turned out to be his final album.
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