The National:Alligator

MM Album Review

The National's good work 'Alligator'(2005).The National are American but influenced mostly brit singer/songwrites Scott Walker,Stuart Staples.Also they are compared with Leonard Cohen and the more mellifluous tendencies of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen.

I think they sounds slower version of Interpol or the Strokes.'Karen' is a good song which shouldn't be missed.But this album isn't awesome,actually sometimes boring.They're totally influenced from American Music Club if you listen their music you'll immediately realize.'Baby, We'll Be Fine' is shining at first listen but it's going to shine again.Darkness and brilliant melodies will control over your ears.
"Alligator" is easily the National's best effort and quite possibly one of this year's finest records.''Billboard

'Alligator' can be a great choice to listen in your plaintive times but sometimes it can be exhausting listen.
MM picks:Karen,All The Wine,'Baby, We'll Be Fine'


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