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I've been listening Grahan Lindsey's new release "Hell Under the Skullbones" for days.
The new folk album which is full of great vocal performances, folk guitar melodies, alternative country tunes.Album is produced by Steve Deutsch and dedicated to Adrian Hill.

We see in this album great songwriting and singing performance the origin
of the naturalism in the lyrics can be marked, it feels like true events
taken from real life.Lyrics are pathetic and emotional - The album includes tasty songs.

Opening track 'Matchbook song' is only one of the reason to love this album.
It's very hard to adore to a folk album at your first listen. But 'Hell under the skullbones' breaks this rule. Because Graham Lindsey's charismatic voice, which is very similar with Bob Dylan, is growing on you fast.

Songs like "Deathtrip Blues", "Elly Bly", "Jusk like Past" show us Graham's
perfect rhythm in his singing success.
From lyrics of "Just like bust":
Cause I've been honest I've been kind
I've been waiting all my life
but so sadly I so badly have to go...

Lyrics are part of life, This material makes "Hell under the scullbones" more natural.
Light-headed songs soon came out of its shell,this makes you to became infatuated.

Electric guitarists of this record are terrific(James Harrah,Greg Leisz,Moris Tepper).
Guitars are so impressive and giddy.

This album is truly one of the succesful folk rock album of 2006. For sure,
Graham Lindsey is going to be Modern Music's the most impressive new artist.
If you're fan of folk music,you'll love "Hell under the skullbones" at first listen.
Street date:08/15/06
Modern Music Picks:Matcbook song,Just like dust,Slow Train Stomp
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