Bryan Ferry:In your Mind

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Theatrical cry of saxophone and trembling voice of Bryan Ferry within full energetic rock album "In your Mind"(1977).
'Sometimes the arrangements almost swamp the songs, but "One Kiss'"combination of female backing vocals, sax, and straight-up rock forinstance, make it a great woozy, end-of-the-night singalong before the bars close.'Amg
Throughout,In Your Mind intelligent, romantic,wistful,Sentimental
record.It's on of his best effort.Furthermore,I'm very big fan of Roxy Music.You should listen "Love Me Madly Again" from this record which is first-class work of Brian Ferry.

MM picks:
"Tokyo Joe"
One of Bryan Ferry's most gimmick-ridden (not to mention, in politically
correct times, lyrically suspect) efforts, "Tokyo Joe" was his tribute to
the Japanese fans who'd raised him to utter superstardom during the late
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