Bob Dylan Weekend:A Legend Musician

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Bob Dylan is an American folk-rock singer-songwriter. He is known for poetic, often obscure lyrics with politically and socially charged themes.As you know,Bob Dylan is a cult idol,His influence on popular music is incalculable.He has also recently performed alongside other major artists, such as Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell(Listen her 'Court and Spark' classic album, if you don't know about her), Tom Petty and Eric Clapton.

Much of Dylan's best known work is from the 1960s when he became an informal documentarian and reluctant figurehead of American unrest.his most recent album of new songs, 2001's "Love and Theft" which includes sheer songs like 'Mississippi','Summer Days' , reached the top five on the charts in the U.S. and the U.K. And I'm very exited about his upcoming studio album 'Modern Times'.

Modern Music Recommended Albums:
Highway 61 revisited
Nashville skyline
Blood on tracks
Knocked out loaded
Time out of mind
Love and theft
More infos:biography

Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs by MM
(if you want to send your own Top 10 songs just leave it to comments)
* 1. Like a Rolling Stone
* 2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
* 3. Shelter from the Storm
* 4. Tombstone Blues
* 5. It Ain't Me Babe
* 6. Desolation Row
* 7. Tangled Up in Blue
* 8. The Times They Are A-Changin'
* 9. Visions of Johanna
* 10. Idiot Wind


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