Moonspell / Irreligious (1996) - doom metal

Irreligious (1996)

1.Perverse - Almost Religious
4.For A Taste Of Eternity
5.Ruin & Misery
6.A Poisoned Gift
8.Raven Claws
10.Herr Spiegelmann
11.Full Moon Madness

Moonspell is a gothic metal band from Portugal, initially formed in 1989 as "Morbid God" by Fernando Ribeiro (vocals).
This album is my recommend to you.If you like to listen metal you should have this one.Very dark sound.Irreligious band , released in 1996, is the second full-length album by the PortugueseMoonspell


bulut on 7:43 am said...


The band has often been described as doom-death and gothic-doom with several groups of critics and fans arguing between which of the two doom metal forms they truly belong to. Ribeiro, the band's vocalist however has stressed that "devilish music" would be a more appropriate term, as he often cites Luciferian Saga as an important influence to the band.

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