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Rating: 9/10
Working under the group name of 'Nine Horses' 'Snow Borne Sorrow' is a collaboration between David Sylvian, his brother and frequent collaborator Steve Jansen and electronic composer / remixer Burnt Friedman.

Very Well, in the record, in the middle of it, heartbeat-like sound waves, violins, Sylvian's extreme night-like vocals, attractive back female vocals. No!, not this way enough to describe an album like this. It's the most ridiculous thing to seek for the right words. Because you know that you're never well experienced to tell what music feels to the humanity. I'm sure of it, the feelings that i feel is the purest one. David Sylvian who is absolutely an idol, a genius. I had spent my long-night with his "Secrets Of The Beehive", "Rain Tree Crow" and my night lamp "Blemish". It's really imposible not to tell my adoration while i'm writing this.

Most of the songs seem waiting for a touch to appear, and if they find a connection to reach you that will be love at first sight. The Compositions are as perfect as full moon appearance, honestly i'd call this style as virgin sound. Because you never want to share Sylvian's voice, songs with someone else, and you want it as only yours.

lyrics from his Boy With The Gun:
He knows well his wicked ways
A course of bitterness
A grudge held from his childhood days
As if life had loved him less
Reading down his list of names
He ticks them one by one
He points the barrel at the sky
Firing shots off at the sun
i am the law and i am the king
I am the wisdom, listen to me sing

"Money For All" which includes some remix version of songs from previous Nine Horses album "The Banality of evil","Serotonin", and also two new songs ravishing "Money For All", an inviting alternative dance melody "Get the hell out". This shorten version of the songs was polished fairly good. Various instruments change the atmosphere from dark to blue, jazz to rock, bittersweet to melancholy, and you're finally full of satisfaction.

A truly grader Ep, it never lets you to go. Release date: January 22, 2007
MM picks: Money For All, Get The Hell Out, The Banality Of Evil
mp3: Nine Horses - Money For All
mp3: David Sylvian - The Boy with the Gun
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bahtology on 12:36 pm said...

David Sylvian, Burnt Friedman and Steve Jansen have fortunately made the decision to continue working together under the moniker of NINE HORSES, creating their own unique brand of songs that are part social commentary and part self analysis.
This eight track EP begins with the title track, "Money For All", a collaboration between Sylvian and Friedman. Jazzy vibraphone and clarinet riffs are intertwined with bluesy guitar licks and folky harmonica lines (courtesy of Sylvian himself!),...all casually layered atop a somewhat funky and slightly trippy hip hop groove. The song also features the soulful harmonies from the very same backing vocalists who helped frame a large portion of the melody lines on Nine Horses' debut, Snow Borne Sorrow. Sylvian's lyrics seem to be filled with veiled attacks against the US President Bush and the Republican Party (referred to here as "a mean looking elephant"), basically hitting them hard where they purport to be the strongest: homeland security, capitalism, and the neo-conservative urge for war rather than diplomacy. Yet the cultural climate maintained by the nation's citizens is also taken to task: the endless need for foreign oil, the downside to nationalistic pride resulting in an 'us versus them' mentality, the overall greed that is prevalent in capitalism and destructive vices that many willingly take part in.
"Get The Hell Out", written by Jansen and Sylvian, is built upon a funked up techno beat, somewhat reminiscent of the more recent works of Massive Attack. Staccato synthesized horn kicks punctuate the track throughout the relatively aggressive verses, while Sylvian's smooth Fender Rhodes and a highly orchestrated sampling of violins permeate the much gentler bridges. Though Sylvian's lyrics are uncharacteristically less descriptive than usual, it appears as though the song's subject matter revolves around an abused woman in need of escape from her current situation.
"Birds Sing For Their Lives", which previously appeared on the Japanese version of Nine Horses' debut cd, is a collaboration between Jansen and Sylvian with singer Stina Nordenstam handling all vocals and lyrics. The song's minimalistic and icy tone atop an eerily adagio waltz tempo is perfect for Nordenstam's fragile vocal.
In the case of Friedman's remixes of the tracks from Snow Borne Sorrow, all three fail to improve upon the originals in any way and come across as unnecessary. His mix of "Money For All" juxtaposes a few of the song's sections, yet is not a radical departure from the original. And finally, his remix of "Get The Hell Out" is devoid of the drive and momentum that is inherent to the original version, so that any contrast between verse and bridge is lost.
Yet the new material that is included can only be considered to be especially strong additions to the Nine Horses catalog.

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