Lambchop - Damaged

This is the tenth album for the very large Nashville band led by Kurt Wagner.
"Damaged"(2006) continues in the quiet and haunting tradition pioneered on the past three Lambchop albums ("Is A Woman", "Aw C'mon", and "No You C'mon").

Modern Music Review:
Opening three powerful wistful tracks Paperback Bible(a long song which can change your state of mind),Prepared (wonder orchestra tunes),The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P(airy guitars which belong th other world)...

It is certain you'll like the album if you are interested in slow tempho Chamber Pop.
"Damaged" depicts melody of loneliness with its lyrics,music portrays wheather of country somehow. "A Day Without Glasses" is a song that features atmospheric alternative country and piano combinations.

There are strong connection between songs and compositions. Listening the entire
album without a brake explains 'why you should love this album?'.

'A profound melancholy suffuses the elegant and often sublime Damaged'.The Guardian

Independent pianos, trembling vocals..."Damaged" is as moving and accomplished
an album as this band has ever made. Including melodic songs like "Beers Before The Barbican"
and "I Would Have Waited Here All Day" makes "Damaged" standout album by Lambchop.

MM picks:The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P,I Would Have Waited Here All Day
Official Lambchop site
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