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On his third studio album, Nightcrawler(2006), New Jersey-born singer-songwriter Pete Yorn offers up another assured set of pop-savvy rock tunes, this time leaning toward a more robust sound. Although the potent, riff-laden single "For Us" is one of the record's most immediately accessible tracks, Yorn presents a wide range of enjoyable tunes here, from the jangly, propulsive "Undercover" to the chiming, buoyant "Maybe I'm Right" to the spare, wistful "Broken Bottle." Throughout Nightcrawler, Yorn's expressive vocals are well showcased, whether he's crooning gently or leading a raucous guitar-driven number. For fans, this outing reaffirms the notion that Yorn is one of the better songsmiths of his generation, while newcomers to his intelligent, refreshingly straight-ahead sound will finally see what the fuss is about.
MM review
Exhausting but good...Nightcrawler is an album which is hard to discover at your first listen,because of colourless guitars and unclear,faint Pete Yorn vocals.But i can't say the same things for tracks like "Same Thing","The man" quite good alternative melodies.It's still a hard listen for new listeners but i'm sure Pete Yorn fans love this new record.Also Warren Zevon cover "Splendid Isolation" is a good pop underground song which has very similar vocals with Gerard Love (Teenage Funclub).Extra,"Broken Bottle" has the best guitar chords however vocals hide its power.

'He tackles issues such as love, jealousy and immortality, crosses into genres like contemplative '60s folk ("Alive") and Spectorized R&B ("Georgie Boy"), and harmonizes with Dixie Chick Natalie Maines ("The Man")'.

MM picks:Same Thing,Splendid Isolation


bulut on 4:55 pm said...
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Anonymous said...

Inspired by personal drama and music legends, Pete Yorn’s first studio album in three years and the third in a trilogy that includes musicforthemorningafter and Day I Forgot is probably his best work yet. With songs like Vampyre, Alive and Maybe I’m Right the album has a very classic feel to it and at the same screams Pete Yorn. And there is For Us, a song with a great beat and even better lyrics featuring Dave Grohl of the “Foo Fighters” on the drums. My favorites on this album without a doubt have to be The Man and Broken Bottle, two beautiful tracks that you can put on repeat and forget about everything else. Undercover, a song that featured on the Spider-Man soundtrack is also a great addition to this already fantastic album.

This album is a must buy for anyone who loves Pete Yorn’s music! GO GET IT NOW!!

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