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"Offshore"(2006) is one continuous piece, made up of six distinct songs by ambient, post-rock band Early Day Miners.Early Day Miners spin American rural music into richly cinematic, experimental textures that contain a prominent streak of melancholy (and some slowcore tendencies).
MM album review
At first sight it keeps warming up quickly Great instrumantel opening
with 'Land Of Pale Saints'.Its noise so beautiful not tiring and quite comely.
The song continues with second song 'Deserter' joining male and female(Daniel Burton,Amber Webber) vocals.
Its natural air doeasn't go bad,you are still in a atmospheric area.

This album reminds me Tortoise's 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die' with its experimental power but of course 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die' is a masterpiece,however 'Offshore' is a great album.Noisy,bright guitars is first reason to fly,deplorable vocals is another reason to love this record.

All the six tracks are very connected with each other,you can't absorb with listening
only one song in this album.So,listen all the songs at one time ,otherwise you'll think
that this album is a disappointment.'Offshore' is absolutely shining with its
Space Rock,Indie Rock tunes.
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