The Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops

Revealing a sharp songwriting instinct and unfolding a distinct indie rock influence, Secret Machines unveil singular scenarios and refined tunes within the alternative pop/rock scene.
MM review
This is the sophomore set from the Texas-founded (and now New York-based) band known for its epic, proggy, psychedelic sound.After the marvellous "Now Here Is Nowhere",they still hold different indie rock tunes in their hand with "Ten Silver Drops".But it's hard to say "Ten silver Drops" is more powerful than "Now here is Nowhere".'Alone, Jealous And Stoned' sounds usual,Mercury rev dream pop sound...All At Once (It's Not Important) is an epic great space rock,dream pop combo.Considering Michael Hutchence vocals with Bono would be very nonsense,i saw some critics said that.Because of Bono uses clearer tones i don't see that he sings in a fuzzy way.In my opinioun,Secret Machines can't be Similar with U2.I saw U2 love to release pop albums.This stuff rocks!

'The result is a spiritual sibling to such previous great, emotionally raw ruminations on shattered personal lives as Phil Collins' Face Value and Beck's Sea Change.'rating:91 Entertainment Weekly

These are beautiful songs, as delicate as they are rocking and heavy like 'I Hate Pretendng','Faded Lines'.Also some alternative skywaves,dreamy guitars,complicated amazing vocals...I said the previous album more essential but this doesn't mean this album isn't well enough.This is rocking too.Ecspecially,don't go to bed without listening 'Daddy's In The Doldrums' ,gorgeous melody.You can remember Led Zeppelin with this one!

'Ten Silver Drops' is definitely growing on you time after time,don't miss this great stuff.If you want to rock on space,then keep listening!
MM picks:Daddy's In The Doldrums,I Hate Pretendng
Listen:Alone, jealous and stoned
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