Pere Ubu - Why I Hate Women

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Musical creativity comes again with new Cleveland-based new wave band Pere Ubu release Why I Hate Woman after four years break St.Arkansas(2002).

Actually it's not a shame to say in a review,i really adore Pere Ubu,David Thomas and his musical taste.Pere Ubu's changings in their albums like butterflies which always have different colours.
They really make me surprise on every album because of their evolutions.

Their music isn't simple as the others do.You should spend your hours on their albums.But
the results make you smile that you think you find band of your life.
As you know previous albums Pennsylvania and St. Arkansas are quite succesful albums.
Why I Hate Woman doesn't break this rule,again a powerful,different,overwhelming LP stands front of you.

Opening track 'Two Girls (One Bar)' recall avant-garde post-Punk side of Pere Ubu.
David Thomas cryings,sound effects,fast bass guitar,resound of electric guitars,again it's hard
to describe their music...'Babylonian Warehouses',you can find emotional or insensitive too.
but it's obvious that it's not a song that you used to listen.Also song named 'Caroleen'
is a quite joyful punky composition.You can also hear full experimental tunes with songs
'Stolen Cadillac','Synth Farm'.

Top of senses:Blue Velvet,Synth Farm

I had missed this cute,weird vocal of David Thomas.I hooked up with 'Blue Velvet' and 'Mona' at my first listen and 'Love Song' is going to be my playlist on everyday.

Again and again their musical creativity is undiminished by time.That trembling vocals,solid guitars solos plus avan-garde tunes,but it's not enough to describe this album.You can't put labels some music like Pere Ubu's and it comes because of its naturalness and creativity.

When the subject is music actually reviews aren't such that important,so please listen albums
and make your own decisions about the artists.Post-punk is a really fascinating
style.Read the review for only love an album and don't forget that reviewers is
a people like you,you would agree that it's impossible to be perfectly objective
about would be objective if it was writen by robots.So "Why I Hate Woman"
is really too precious for me,it's a masterpiece.

Honestly i can't say you'll definitely like "Why I Hate Woman" but I'm sure that you'll have
an experience that you didn't have before.
Ubu Projex (Official Site)
MM picks:Love Song,Mona,Stolen Cadillac
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