Nick Lowe - At My Age

The British icon Nick Lowe returns with his new plush record, his first album in nearly six years. And again At My Age's bringing back the tradition of three-minute pop singles, they sound as Lowe, of course, his skill on music follows a melodic country-rock, adult pop record.

Its amazing atmosphere that goes perfectly on rainy days is the best side of "At My Age". People Change, Hope For Us All, The Other Side Of The Coin are amazing new songs of him, these are mellow, charming, moreover they show his experienced producing where you can remember his contribution on recordings for The Damned, Elvis Costello, and The Pretenders. Lowe has recorded more solo albums in his own very individual style to critical acclaim, and this is again what he is.
You can preorder his album at Yep Rock Records.
MM picks: Hope For Us All, The Other Side Of The Coin
Nick Lowe - People Change
Release date: Jun 26, 2007


YOU ARE A GHOST on 4:32 pm said...

Of course the guy is an icon his production work with the Damned gave birth to the recording history of punk rock, and i think the same holds true to his work with Costello in the eve of New Wave, although Costello will develop soon as a limitless muscician

bulut on 4:44 pm said...

Thanks for your insightful thoughts, i love "Damned Damned Damned" very much. Not to mention his solo works such as "Jesus Of Cool" and "Labour Of Lust" which are very distinctive records.

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