The Broken West - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On

I asked to Alan Williamson owner of *Sixeyes the album that he can't stop listening for last three months, that's very kind of Alan, and he said "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On" (2007) by Los Angeles based The Broken West. Friends, hang on! Because he's right about this catchy indie rock piece, this is a stuff which you shouldn't miss out! Now lets read the full of feeling thoughts.

When I first heard this album, there were songs that jumped out and brought back that feeling which I can never truly capture in words (but I will make a small effort). A feeling of wonder, of joy, it's something primal that is reawakened through the magic of a special song. And now at my age it's also nostalgia, that is what The Broken West and their fantastic debut full length do to me, all of those things. And, as with any great record, these feelings and emotions happily return as I continue to listen to this, or any, great album, you find new things in the songs and new songs begin to grow in favour, in stature, in that primordial cortex of my civilized mind. But I don’t think I get uncivilized when listening to beautiful songs like "Baby On My Arm", "Brass Ring", "Down In The Valley", "Hale Sunrise", or my new favourite, album closer "Like A Light"(a song as gorgeous as young love), just uninhibited, I get drunk on the Broken West… and there ain't no hangover.--Alan Williamson
mp3:Broken West - Hale Sunrise
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Paperslut on 3:33 pm said...

Will check it out. Haven't heard too much about this album though.

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