Adam And The Ants

Ant Music
Adam is making a bubbly, babbling pop music that’s actually less obvious and ordinary than when Adam fancied himself as a different sort of rebel/devil. The surprise of seeing Adam on TOTP was one of the year’s most refreshings jolts. ‘Antmusic’ is about seven times better than ‘Dog Eat Dog’: a Glitterbilly, Skids-swirl, tribal celebration. “Unplug the jukebox/And do us all a favour/That music’s lost its taste/So try another flavour”. Adam’s turned himself into a pop event: rejoice at its corniness and liveliness.
mp3: Adam And The Ants - Ant Music

Stand & Deliver
Who is that young chap riding the fiery charger into the night capturing all the ladies’ jewellery and hearts? Musket in hand and gleam in his eye – why Tommy Steele in Columbia’s 1968 clinker Where’s Jack? But who comes up in the slipstream? Aloft a pantomime nag with training wheels, here comes the man of the hour! Adam Ant! ‘Stand & Deliver’ stretches the joke thinner and as he gallops by we shout off into the night after this unstoppable rapscallion. “Take heed, Adam Ant! We’ll see you dance at the end of a yardarm yet!
mp3: Adam And The Ants - Stand Deliver


Katacultura on 4:04 am said...

Hello, how do you do? Adam is a great band( i like it). Do you listen new french bands? ASYL, PROTOTYPES, SECOND SEX, NAAST & PALSTISCINES are a good scene in Paris. Do you like BONDE DO ROLE? I don´t.

bulut on 7:55 am said...

Hey rogério,
Thanks, i haven't listened any of them before except Prototypes. But i'd love to check them, thanks again for the recommendations.

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