Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker

Rating: 6/10
Modern Music Review
How it feels like dancing in a graveyard, wearing silver shining clothes? It feels nothing of course. Fine! Just trying to absorb the music. Heavyhearted mechanical vocals, atmospheric dark sounscapes which we used to listen in the genre, industrial dance. Avant garde and stressful electro-dance tunes like "Magnifishit", "Pedafly" get attention of listener, it makes you think about the whole world's pathetic end.

"haZe", "jaHer", "ugLi" frustrate other musical composition on the record. It's no longer atmospheric or dark because lack of the harmony. That makes you think about 'It needs something more'. So that time "PolitikiL" appears, again you're in the middle of dirty streets. Action!

"Mythmaker" is mostly paralysed by dark side of dance beats, it's absolutely like watching a 21st century action and horror film combination. Interesting listen but it's not amazing, though.
MM picks: Magnifishit, Pedafly
mp3: Skinny Puppy - Magnifishit


Anonymous said...

It's one of those records that may require multiple listens to digest. It's a lot less accessible compared to 2004's The Greater Wrong of the Right and the Ohgr side project records. You may want to try those before you delve into this one.

Anonymous said...

It is a perfect cd. The more you listen the more your ear will melt.

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