H.I.M. - Uneasy Listening Vol.1

Rating: 4/10
Modern Music Review
This is right a collection for you , if you bored melodic guitars of the band. And the name of the album was chosen nonsensically. Maybe it's an allusion, i don't know. It's not an uneasy listening, truly it's the collection of the softest rarities of H.I.M. Again it's hard to say you prefer this one to original songs except "Close to the Flame", "In joy and sorrow","For You". These are the most beautiful ones. Actually i hate remix versions because it brings to mind that you're a jerk and the original one wasn't satisfying .Then, they put slower or faster music backround, presenting Here's the new version for jerks! "Join Me in Death", "It's All Tears", "The Funeral of Hearts" proves this. I prefer the original versions, glam rocker one. Morever i found Ville's voice too out of tune with naked voice on "Buried Alive by Love". What was that? It was the opening song of Love Metal and it was airy glam rock but this version is a huge sh*t (Deliverance Version). Worse than this, Valo sings like a difficult cat on some songs. New version of "Lose You Tonight" was called as Thulsa Doom, actually it's not doom it's arabesque or trip-hop based electronic version. There are good guitar noises on "Sault in Our Wounds" which recalls Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My".

Oh i see you're a diehard fan, you may like it. If you're not familiar with their songs, go away! I should recommend you to listen"Greatest Love Songs Vol.666" which is the standout one. I hear you on that one is a nonsense album name too, but it rocks.
If you want to see how can a rock band turns to pussycat music, then this is a great collection FOR YOU.
MM picks: In Joy and Sorrow (String Version)
Mp3: For You (Unplugged Radio Live)
H.I.M. Official


Anonymous said...

It's called Thulsa Doom Mix, for the crazy fact that the band's name responsible for this is Thulsa Doom, sorry if my english sucks, *rolleyes

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