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Think About Life have been causing panic on Montreal dance floors since just a little before they were personally invited by Wolf Parade (Sub Pop) to be their support act during last years North American autumn tour.

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Their song named Paul Cries starting with restless ringing bells,and vocals is restless too in this song.Good harmony with music and vocals.He is shapely singing with such a hard music on the backround.Their sound some kind of high-energy disco house thrash punk.Serious chords is another song of them which is including amazing vocal performance,i really impressed from this song. Snowee caterpillars like a electronic horror song perfect.You can listen some songs from here:
Artist Myspace:
Artist Website:

If you want to buy their album:
Compact Disc: Amazon , Alien8 Store
Digital Download: iTunes , eMusic , DownloadPunk , Sony Connect


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