Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

[Underground Archive]
Powerpop / Psychedelic / Jazz
Respected as one of pop music's most sought-after session keyboard players (including Beck, Air, Green Day and Sheryl Crow), MANNING blends colorful melodies with rich harmonies and creative arrangements to convey themes of innocence, fantasy and the ups and downs of romance. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, MANNING wrote, performed and sang every note on his solo debut, which he produced in his Los Angeles studio, aptly named "Stu-Stu-Studio." The tracks were then mixed and mastered by John Paterno, whose credits include Badly Drawn Boy, The Thrills and Robbie Williams.
[Modern Music Review]
Modern Music is growing with its underground bands and artist.I'm happy while posting this blurb.Because you will meet a good voice and good music.As usual I'll recommend a song of him but really good one.I think his best work is ''Too Late For Us Now''.I chose this because its colorful melodies is really worth to listen.I'm sure and guarantee you'll like this release..Why I'm saying this?because ''Too Late For Us Now'' have a powerfull melody and not ordinary tunes.Roger Joseph's voice is qualified with his music style.But not only this song there is another gem of him named ''The loser''.This song more capable to power pop tunes ,you can listen this one from here.And another song of him ''Sandman''.This song seems to swimming in a jazz pool.
Variety and lots of choice in music can be wanderfull like a butterfly wing.Colourful...
The Land Of Pure Imagination
Too Late For Us Now
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