Tom Waits - Real Gone

Real Gone is an album by Tom Waits, released October 3, 2004 in Europe, and October 5 in USA2004 in music) on Epitaph Records

The album was supported by the Real Gone Tour, playing a few sold out locations in North America and Europe in October and November 2004.

Thomas Alan Waits (born December 7, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor.

Waits has a very distinctive voice, described by the MusicHound Rock Album Guide as sounding "like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months and then taken outside and run over with a car." (Waits's voice was also described in one court decision as follows: "Waits has a raspy, gravelly singing voice, described by one fan as ‘like how you'd sound if you drank a quart of bourbon, smoked a pack of cigarettes and swallowed a pack of razor blades. . . . Late at night. After not sleeping for three days.’" Waits v. Frito-Lay, Inc., 978 F.2d 1093 (1992 9th Cir.)) With this trademark growl, as well as his experimental tendencies and a love of pre-rock Americana styles such as blues, jazz, and Vaudeville, Waits has built up a distinctive musical persona. Trouser Press called Waits "at once a throwback and a visionary."

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bulut on 1:23 pm said...

01 Top of the Hill (4:54)
02 Hoist That Rag (4:20)
03 Sins of My Father (10:36)
04 Shake It (3:52)
05 Don't Go into That Barn (5:22)
06 How's It Gonna End (4:51)
07 Metropolitan Glide (4:13)
08 Dead and Lovely (5:40)
09 Circus (3:56)
10 Trampled Rose (3:58)
11 Green Grass (3:13)
12 Baby Gonna Leave Me (4:29)
13 Clang Boom Steam (0:46)
14 Make It Rain (3:39)
15 Day After Tomorrow (6:53)
16 (Untitled Track) (1:17)

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