Hawkwind - 1994 The Business Trip (Live)

01 - Altair
02 - Quark Strangeness And Charm
03 - Lsd
04 - The Camera That Could Lie
05 - Green Finned Demon
06 - Do That
07 - The Day A Wall Came Down
08 - Berlin Axis
09 - Void Of Golden Light
10 - Right Stuff
11 - Wastelands
12 - The Dream Goes On
13 - Right To Decide
14 - The Dream Has Ended
15 - This Futur

Hawkwind is a British rock music group.

Formed in the summer of 1969 as Hawkwind Zoo, they were offered a record deal by Liberty Records in November of that year and immediately shortened the band name to Hawkwind. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Dave Brock has been the only consistent band member though multiple personnel changes. Their music began as hard-driving blues rock, but quickly added doses of psychedelic music, with prominent use of special effects and synthesizers. Their music usually deals with urban and science fiction themes (writer Michael Moorcock was a collaborator), and Hawkwind are widely seen as one of the earliest space rock groups.

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Hawkwind - 1994 The Business Trip (Live)

pw = purgatory


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