Blue Oyster Cult - Nail You Down

Short bio:
Blue Öyster Cult is a psychedelic/heavy metal band probably best known for two songs: their 1976 single "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" from the album Agents of Fortune (also featured in the cult movie Halloween, and in Stephen King's novel The Stand), and their 1981 single "Burnin' for You" from the album Fire of Unknown Origin. Their song "Veteran of the Psychic Wars," with lyrics penned by Michael Moorcock, appeared in the soundtrack of the movie Heavy Metal. Two other well-known songs are "Godzilla" (1977) from Spectres, and "Astronomy" (1973) from Secret Treaties; the latter was covered by Metallica on 1998's Garage Inc..

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bulut on 12:56 pm said...

01.(4:30) Stairway To The Stars
02.(3:38) Harvester Of Eyes
03.(3:30) Workshop Of The Telescopes
04.(6:30) Before The Kiss
05.(3:41) Born To Rock
06.(4:58) Hot Rails To Hell
07.(10:46)Seven Screaming Dizbusters
08.(5:57) Cities On Flame
09.(4:56) Burning For You
10.(5:54) Joan Crawford
11.(7:05) Born To Be Wild
12.(6:30) The Reaper

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