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The Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy
About a decade after its release, William Reid of the Mary Chain described Psychocandy as "one of the greatest records ever made". The remark is indicative of a) William Reid's chronic immodesty where his band are concerned and b) the unarguable truth. Every indie guitar group since that has tried to either lend portent to a sweet melody by drenching it in feedback or render a messy guitar wipe-out palatable by stringing a semblance of a tune through it--and that's all of them--got the idea from Psychocandy. Given that it has been reinvented, borrowed from and downright burgled continuously since its release, it is further testament to Psychocandy that it still sounds so fresh in its own right. William and Jim Reid displayed from the off an innate understanding of how best to balance their acute melodic sense with the racket that emerged from their guitar amplifiers. "Some Candy Talking" and "Just Like Honey" are just two of the tracks which, it seems reasonable to believe, would have drawn applause from both Brian Wilson and John Cage. --Andrew Mueller

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Barbed Wire Kisses (B-sides)
1 Kill Surf City Reid, Reid 3:13
2 Head Reid, Reid 3:52
3 Rider Reid, Reid 2:11
4 Hit Reid, Reid 3:29
5 Don't Ever Change Reid, Reid 3:35
6 Just Out of Reach Reid, Reid 3:06
7 Happy Place Reid, Reid 2:23
8 Psycho Candy Reid, Reid 2:59
9 Sidewalking Reid, Reid 3:34
10 Who Do You Love McDaniel 4:04
11 Surfin' USA Berry, Wilson 2:58
12 Everything's Alright When You're Down Reid, Reid 2:39
13 Upside Down Reid, Reid 2:59
14 Taste of Cindy [version] Reid, Reid 2:01
15 Swing Reid, Reid 2:28
16 On the Wall [demo version] Reid, Reid 4:50

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands [Album] - Aug 1987

1. Darklands
2. Deep One Perfect Morning
3. Happy When It Rains
4. Down on Me
5. Nine Million Rainy Days
6. April Skies
7. Fall
8. Cherry Came Too
9. On the Wall
10.About You

Darklands is the second album by Scottish alternative band The Jesus and Mary Chain. Unlike their previous album, drum machines were used in place of drummer Bobby Gillespie, who had left to pursue a successful career as the frontman with Primal Scream.


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